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Prijava za Školski Izazovi
Youth CAN make CHANGE - Design For Change
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Youth CAN make CHANGE


Youth Can Make Change – Educating Changemakers

The project is founded on the idea that formal education fails to reply to enhance employability without infringing the core humanistic values of its constitution challenge and that innovative non-formal tools are required to offer to young people the necessary 21st century skills.

Partners: Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, France, Greece

The project consists of

a) a 2-day preparatory meeting followed by a 5-day training on design thinking in youth work;

b) a 7-day training on design for change methodology, including one study visit;

c) the translation of existing DFC toolkits to the new languages;

d) the creation of a toolkit on design thinking;

e) a 6 month pilot implementation phase and

f) a 5- day evaluation meeting.

coordinator: Vega omladinski centar


Project is realised with the support of the Erasmus + program of the EU